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Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.



Your Lifestyle Diet

A well-fed soul nourishes the health of our bodies, and preserves the resilience of our minds. Our souls are fed by our daily activities, what I call our lifestyle diet, and when we are  balanced in the essential nutrients of a meaningful life, we thrive. Our souls are nourished by powerful nutrients: by our relationships and our mindset, by our career and our physical movement, and of course, by our home environment and our finances. Sadly, too many of us suffer from a poor diet of lifestyle nutrients.

Driven by circumstance and environment, we lose sight of what nourishes us, as we ignore or postpone these essential aspects of our well-being. Lives that are rich in stress, low in rest, and depleted of soul-full nourishment, slip further and further out-of-balance. Without action and without exception, when souls wither, metabolic distress, disease, and depression flourish. To address that imbalance, I provide individualized programs to rehabilitate lifestyle malnutrition, because when our lives are nourishing us, our bodies are powerful healing machines, and our souls will thrive.

All sickness is soul sickness.

Vicki Marie Stolsen


The Food On Your Plate

Classic nutrition is the food on your plate, but that food is more than fuel. Food is powerful medicine. Nutritional compounds found in food can be compared to drugs, because they impose pharmacological reactions in our bodies. What you eat can fortify every system and every cell in your body, through complex biological signaling designed to optimize health, prevent disease, repair injury, and extend your lifespan. However, many common foods produce negative biological reactions. Too many of us are over-dosing on meals that undermine metabolic pathways, and create a slow, chronic, cascade of suboptimal signaling.

The consequences show up overtime, with an increased risk of weight gain, diabetes, cancer, heart failure, depression, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and so many autoimmune disorders. Studies are clear that habitual doses of poor food choices are a major risk factor in all of these lifestyle diseases.

As your health coach, I help you discover the foods to support your body, maintain ideal weight, and prevent disease; as well as the foods that rob your health and even shorten your life. I rely on scientific data, which includes holistic practices, to guide you in resurrecting biological integrity, recovering your resilient immune system, and extending the length of your health-span.

The art of healing comes from nature, not the physician.
Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.
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A Pathway to Life Long Healthcare

At the heart of each health coaching program is the synergy between classic nutrition and lifestyle nutrition. My method of health coaching, certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, combines classic and lifestyle nutrition to raise awareness, guide progress, and activate behaviors that favor positive results. My training and my practice are part of a global movement to reimagine healthcare as we know it. Decades of conflicting interests, from pharmacological funded research, industrial agricultural monopolies, health insurance providers, processed food manufacturers, and biased government policies have coalesced into a sick landscape, and public health is suffering. Combined, these special interests are responsible for the epidemic of lifestyle diseases that we see in ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

At the same time, conventional medicine and medical training have drifted from a proactive mission of public health. We call it healthcare, but in reality, we have created a system of specialized disease-care. Yet, scientific research is clear: food is the most powerful medicine in human healthcare. Nutrition is foundational, essential, and life saving. Amazingly, medical training in nutrition is rare. We may be the first culture in history that doesn't prescribe food and plants to treat, heal, and prevent disease. My practice of health coaching serves to bridge the knowledge gap in the healthcare system, by training individuals in nutritional and lifestyle self-care. This is a pathway to authentic, life-long, healthcare, where you become the CEO of your bio-individual health plan, and your doctors, therapists, trainers, and coaches become your collaborating partners.

America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.

Walter Cronkite


Your Habits Are Your Health

Health coaching is self-care training, designed to make a difference in your medical future, and upgrade your medical present. Where could you use support today? Are you wondering how to reverse creeping symptoms, like reversing weight gain, lowering blood pressure, or reducing inflammation? Are you concerned about the diseases of your parents, and what you can do to reduce those risks in your life? Are you curious about how to reach your goal of a longer health-span and active longevity?


My individualized programs offer authentic guidance, tailored resources, and cheer-leading camaraderie in your quest to activate your own self-care lifestyle. The truth is, most of us are simply unaware of the breathtaking and powerful capacity our bodies have for healing.

Coaching helps you learn what your body actually needs, and with that knowledge, you can change the quality of your life. Your habits and behaviors; your decisions and choices; these are the mindful accelerators that upgrade your health profile and your well-being. When you consciously affect your biological levers, when you become the informed CEO of your health, you allow the body to do the work it is designed for; repair, rebuild, and reverse the damaging assaults from disease. Once you accept the leadership position for your well-being, your health providers become consulting partners, and with their help, you determine the best course of treatment. A self-care mindset is a prescription for biological empowerment, and the best medical investment you can make.

Those who do not find time for exercise
will have to find time for illness.
Edward Smith Stanley
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For more information about coaching support for your health,
weight loss, or longevity goals, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me, Vicki Marie Stolsen.


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